The Beings

Jeremiah Sheffield
Originally from Northern Florida, Jeremiah's childhood was surrounded by nurturing and blessing. The oldest of 3 high potential siblings, an exceptional degree of pressure to perform and please was assumed. Throughout his upbringing and education, Jeremiah attended 12 different schools in 12 years, before attending Virginia Polytechnic University in Blacksburg, VA and the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. He received a bachelor degree in Business Management as well as Entrepreneurship and Information Technology. After his schooling Jeremiah started and operated several successful Project Management businesses. Jeremiah is eternally grateful for these first 27 years of his time on earth, however a drastic shift in the physical and para-psychological realm spawned a dismantling of habit and stuck thinking. It would soon become crystalline to him that a lack of personal identity had been the cause of repetitive cycles of wretched decisions and subsequent suffering.
Yoga found Jeremiah in March of 2009, and a seed was planted. In the summer of that year, a debilitating spinal injury was used to sprout that seed. Although June 13th can be considered a day when his whole world changed ("before and after the accident"), Jeremiah has found that it was each and every experience of his life that prepared him for this moment. During his recovery, although often unable to merely stand on his yoga mat, the practice carried Jeremiah through incredible personal healing. Yoga became for him a way to bring action in line with intention, and intention in line with purpose. The next year of his life would be dedicated to travel and training, learning from the many amazing Souls he encountered along the way.
His typical classes draw from many styles of Hatha yoga including the flow of alignment-based vinyassa, soft and hard forms of Ashtanga, and gentler approaches from Integral Yoga. He has also studied and often incorporates various movement practices including Tai Chi, QiGong, Budokon and Ecstatic Dance into his classes. His formal training with Doug Swenson, Rolf Gates and Sean Corn continues to impact and overwhelm him with blessing and humility. He has also been honored with the opportunity to practice progressive styles with many of the world's leading yoga teachers.
The local Virginia Beach community has been of great impact on his life and practice.
Jeremiah is committed to living a low-impact, aware lifestyle and regularly coordinates or volunteers at events supporting local and global aid, activism, sustainability, wholistic health and conscious eating. He lives in the Sandbridge area of Virginia Beach with his Labrador retriever and best friend, Wanga Gut.

Jeremiah's Typical Class Teaching Schedule

Stefanie Krasnow
I was born and raised in the sunny prairie landscape that is Calgary, Alberta. I attended the School of Alberta Ballet for 10 years, practicing ballet and modern dance. Born philosopher, and lover of movement, I discovered yoga when I was 16 years old concurrently with my extracurricular inquiries into Zen Buddhism and Japanese Poetry. At this time in my life I suffered severe depression, anxiety and other related symptoms of sincere spiritual hunger.  Uninterested in anything else, I immersed myself in voracious study and practice of (what I knew of) ancient myths and rituals from the Eastern world. From this period of inner turmoil and honest seeking, I learned the deepest wisdom: whatever you have trouble accepting is the selfsame trigger to push you deeper towards the source. In other words, know that your darkest hours are fertile, your darkness is a compost for…
The roots of my yoga practice are in Ashtanga, which I call: the “ballet” of yoga. During my 5 years in Vancouver I explored the multifarious incarnations of Vinyasa Flow yoga until I found my new love, Anusara Yoga.
In Vancouver, I completed a BA in English Literature and Philosophy at UBC. I used an interdisciplinary approach to study comparative concepts of the “self”, “subjectivity” and “the body” in both Eastern and Western philosophical and religious traditions.  I am currently living in NYC, pursuing an interdisciplinary Masters degree at the New School for Social Research. I’m studying philosophy, namely: phenomenology, embodiment, psychoanalysis, ethics, posthumanist politics: expanding ontology to include other beings besides “the human”→sounds like yoga!?

My classes/teachings are inspired by: 
Doug Swenson (for his humor, lightness of being, true embodiment of the yogic lifestyle, and ability to live by his word)
Paige Faraci (for her magic)
Steve Merkley (for his power)
Sjanie Mcinnis (for her brilliant and beautiful mind)
Shelley and Kassandra Tomzyck (for their embodied wisdom)
Gabrielle Roth (for the 5Rhythms Dance alchemy)
Schuyler Grant (for her intelligence and precision)
-my love of contemporary, improvisational, contact and ecstatic dance
-my love of down tempo, electronic music