The Practice

Twilight Tapas is an experiential practice modeled after timeless principals of mind-body connection through movement and awareness. The practice consists of yoga asana, ecstatic dance, creative movement, inter- and intra-personal union.

Our events are conducted by individuals who have undergone significant training in various fields of group and private instruction. The presence of coordinators is intended for support, however the "classes" are led without excessive verbal cues. This allows demonstration, Spirit and personal choice to facilitative teaching and learning. Running 90-120 minutes, a typical party consists of a brief introduction followed by an intelligently but loosely crafted practice and closes with a period of optional discussion/fellowship.

Carefully selected music is utilized to contribute to the creation of a dynamic atmosphere. Usually, an individual (i.e. a DJ) or team is responsible for concurrently leading and following the tone of a Party. Playlists include selections from various electronic genres, world music and live instrumental accompaniment.

Every person is encouraged to attend a Twilight Tapas Practice.
You may particularly enjoy our events if you:
-Come alive at night.
-Seek out yoga classes and/or dance parties for a meditative movement practice, or to cultivate your sensitivity to vibration, rather than groping, disturbances, or social rules and roles during a state of yoga/dance/trance.
-Have ever felt restricted by the familiar, choreographed movement of led-yoga or led-dance classes.
-Find yourself wary of feel-good or watered down philosophy as commonly introduced in some yoga classes.

Our parties are held in various locations including yoga and dance studios, empty spaces or outdoors. Regardless of physical location, we are committed to creating space where you can:
-Spend or start your weekend evenings.
-Work hard, play harder.
-Process, uncover, experiment, dare.

We believe that yoga and dance are "Serious Play". Be open to having some of or all of these:
-A fun experience
-A sweaty experience
-A profoundly transformative/awakening experience
-A psychedelic experience
-A sensual experience

A few additional notes:
We are allergic to dogma...this is not philosophy. We will not preach philosophy. We will not preach at all.
We will not ask you to feel good or bad or use those limiting words, ever.
All questions are accepted. Any question.